Sustainable reclaimed hardwood from Brokopondo lake in Suriname

CIRA your partner for tropical hard wood. This story began with the formation of the Brokopondo Lake, a result of the construction of the Afobaka Hydro Dam in 1961. This development resulted in a significant ¬†flood plain and submerged a vast swath of tropical forest. The flooding of this landmass resulted in the submersion of […]

Security systems

Are you looking for an alarm system for your home? We have several different options and can install them completely for you.


Do you want an air conditioner in your house? We do the complete installation of air conditioners and can offer you various options. Pleas ask about our options.


Would you like a custom-made kitchen according to your own wishes? We offer complete kitchens with equipment and can make them according to your taste. We use high quality and innovative materials to European standards.

Hydrophore and boiler

Do you need a pressurized water heater or boiler? We provide the complete installation for this. We immediately connect a pipe for the pressurized water system to be able to collect rainwater as well.


We provide custom made fences in various models. Please share with us your special wishes.

Security bars for windows and doors

To provide your home with extra security, we can install security windows and doors in your home. Our frames are made of high quality galvanic steel. Please ask for the different options and models/colours.

Garage complete with rolling door

This completely closed garage is an addition to your home. It can be used as storage or as a private garage and can be built to your wishes. Alternatively you can choose for a carport.