About CIRA

We are pleased to introduce this professionally managed investment opportunity in the Netherlands and Suriname. It is designed to provide quality affordable houses for all and especially the Suriname Diaspora.

We are a start-up property platform focused on making it safer and easier for Suriname worldwide to buy off-plan property from local Suriname developers.

CIRA Group was born in The Netherlands as a Suriname-focused diaspora initiative and we have chosen Suriname as our first real estate market on the continent. We plan to expand our activities to other key South America’s and Europe real estate markets over the next few years.

We love people, innovation, quality, excellent customer service and problem solving. We also love making a difference and our aim is to disrupt the off-plan property market in Suriname and other countries across South America and Europe.

We aim to introduce an innovative and more transparent process designed to help mitigate the risks as well eliminate the stress that buyers currently face when acquiring off plan property in Suriname.

Our goal is to eliminate the stress and risks currently involved in the process of acquiring properties in Suriname. We also seek to employ technology to eliminate the inefficiencies that exist in the off-plan property development process in Suriname.

Our aim is to create a platform that makes the process of selling (off-plan) easier and more efficient for all parties involved. By using our unique model, our goal is to ensure that buyers receive exactly what they pay for and that developers deliver as agreed.


We serve our customers with a 5-star experience with the commitment of passionate people and the excellent CIRA services. You are considering building a new house or adding a shed or garage to your existing home that also provides extra storage space and adds value to your home. CIRA takes care of the (extension) construction from A to Z.

What we do

CIRA is a facility service provider with the aim of helping to build houses, sell houses and plots as well as organize and carry out logistical and household tasks for consumers and companies. When you have bought or built a house there is a need for care of the primary needs that come with it to improve your living enjoyment. CIRA recognizes that the/your home is not just a building, but a home for you and your family. CIRA wants your home to remain a source of pride and joy.


Fields of expertise: including Residential construction – extension/extension, extensions, renovation, new construction, etc. Our services and consultancy activities mainly consist of housing construction, extensions, extensions, renovation, new construction, etc.

Please contact us for more details

Contact us today and we will make sure that your move to Suriname is as easy as possible. Working with the CIRA Group will save you time, energy, and costs. Whether you are looking to sell your home or to build your home. We have the service package for you. Register your property with us or contact us directly for more information!