Sustainable reclaimed hardwood from Brokopondo lake in Suriname

CIRA your partner for tropical hard wood.

This story began with the formation of the Brokopondo Lake, a result of the construction of the Afobaka Hydro Dam in 1961.

This development resulted in a significant  flood plain and submerged a vast swath of tropical forest.

The flooding of this landmass resulted in the submersion of around 50 million cubic meters of precious tropical hardwood trees.

Brokopondo Lake spans an impressive area of approx. 150,000 hectares and contains a plethora of reclaimable hardwood species.

The lake’s freshwater environment contributes to the preservation of submerged logs, and the wood obtained from these reclaimed logs exhibits exceptional durability.

Today we take great pride in being the exclusive custodians of this unique natural resource, offering a treasure trove of reclaimable wood.

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