It’s a movement/platform for people who are looking for a reliable partner for real estate activities as well as for people who get stuck in financial options to realize their dream. An investment platform for everyone.
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The answer to this question roughly depends on five things that differ per situation/person:

  1. Indirect return object: When you only anticipate an indirect return (value development) when purchasing an investment property and therefore make little or no return from the rental income. Then the only way to make a return is to choose the right purchase time. Note that this return is purely accounting.
  2. Immediate Return: In many cases, investors buy real estate in order (contrary to what is stated above) to generate an immediate monthly return from rental income. If it turns out that you have bought at the peak of the market, this often has no consequences for your direct return and therefore monthly income.
  3. Financing: Do you wish to use financing when purchasing an investment property? Then it may be wise to make use of the current financing climate. In a good market, financing is simpler and cheaper (low interest).
  4. Horizon: Are you investing with a horizon of less than 10-15 years and are you therefore taking into account a sale of the property in the ‘short’ term? Then the entry moment is extra important. Your total return is largely determined by the difference between purchase and sale value. The moment of sale is also the moment when you ‘take’ the profit or the loss.
  5. Alternatives: The last consideration that should play a role in whether or not to buy real estate is whether you have alternatives to make your money better in the long run than in real estate.


In view of the above, we are happy to schedule a personal meeting to discuss your wishes and the possibilities.

Your dream home starts with the design of your home by our architect. Each building model can be adapted to your wishes in combination with your living wishes, the building regulations and the available budget. This is how we build your dream home in Suriname together – with your ideas and our craftsmanship.
50% of our customers live outside the region or abroad. This is no problem for us. We can communicate perfectly with the customer by email or telephone. We can take everything off your hands, even if the house has not yet been completed. This includes renovation, construction and furnishing of a home.
We get these questions very often and we would like to refer you to the website of the tax authorities as the government and tax authorities. If you have a specific question, you can of course e-mail us. Please submit complex issues to your bookkeeper or accountant (tax specialist).
Do not hesitate to contact us. With small (general) questions you can always contact us without obligation, that is part of our service. Is there a specific issue that we can help you with? Then we will prepare a quote for you.