Design your own home

Cira also builds houses. Do you have a plot and would you like to build a house? Our architect can help you design your house and its complete furnishing. Together we can help you realize your dreams.

Do you have a plot and would you like to build your dream house? Our architect can help you design your own house. We guide you to the full process from A-Z.

How do we work?
Phase 1: Research
Phase 2: Existing state
Phase 3: Sketch design
Phase 4: Preliminary design
Phase 5: Final design
Phase 6: License application
Phase 7: Tender
Phase 8: Working drawings
Phase 9: Construction supervision

Our architect has over 25 years of experience in building when it comes to the realization of your dream home in Suriname (Caribbean area).

Each home is designed to one’s taste, wishes and budget. We work with a standard prices per square meters with technical and/or aesthetic additional works. Our architect guides you during the designing process so that you will be able to choose your personal taste in every small detail.

Our calculation is clear and transparent so that you already have a clear idea of the construction costs in advance. You will also get a realistic picture of your future home in 3D. CIRA offers a fixed price guarantee, so that you are not unpleasantly surprised with increased costs during the construction process.

When you have your own plot, our team will visit it, so we know the status of the area. That way, we can advise whether additional raising of the foundation is necessary (low plots due to flooding) or whether your plot still needs to be prepared for construction, etc.
After the construction contract has been signed, the specifications drawings are produced and the building permit is requested from the Ministry of Public Works.

During the start, space is created in consultation with the customer and family for any special ceremonies. CIRA is continuously exploring the market for quality products and where necessary, we import them ourselves! All this to offer you the best quality at a competitive price. You will be kept informed of the progress through photos. If you cannot be present yourself, you can always appoint an observer who maintains contact with our foreman.